Join us for our first biannual Writer Showcase featuring music from Fora, The Pact, and A Little Light.

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Make Them Hear You is devoted to promoting and celebrating the voices of theatre artists of color. This will be the first biannual Writer Showcase. The concert will showcase music from new musicals written by artists of color. 

The musicals include:


 Book, Music & Lyrics by Jae Broderick(BMI), Composed by Matthew A.C. Cohen

FORA is the forgotten language of the island nation of Forafu and its story is told in this brand new musical. Infused with heartfelt tunes and catchy rhythms, this vibrant tale of a soulful people, rich in ancestry and lost magic from another time encompasses love, family, history and country. We meet Forafu in the time of its Great Migration. The island is losing its citizens and traditions to the harsh realities of a changing world. Told through the eyes of 17-year old Gigi, the fate of a nation rests on the choice between unraveling the mysteries of the past or succumbing to the struggles of the present. FORA has been developed at the New York Musical Festival, the Barn Arts Collective, the Dramatists Guild and the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center.



Book & Music by Tia DeShazor(BMI),

Music by Derrick Byars(BMI)

When a group of best friends finally keep their promise to meet up in New York City for a raucous reunion weekend - friendships are rekindled, loyalties are tested, and life-choices are questioned in this Musical Comedy that examines barriers to intimacy in interracial friendships.


Book, Music & Lyrics by Derrick Byars(BMI)

A LITTLE LIGHT follows Jordan Harrison, a recent high school graduate, as he searches for love and acceptance in a rural, conservative town in the modern South. Jordan is struggling with his sexuality, depressive thoughts, and a verbally abusive father when he meets Michael Fleischman, a college sophomore back in to town to care for his ailing mother. They soon begin a romance, which will alter their lives in ways neither could have imagined. We watch Jordan navigate love, violence, institutional homophobia from the church, suicidality, and death.This story explores how our actions and words can deeply affect others, with a focus on the growing influence of social media. LGBTQ teens suffer from high rates of depression and suicide due to the pressure society often places on them to be something they are not. The message of this show is to be true to yourself no matter what other people think. Let your light shine. You can always find the light in life if you search for it.